Ocean Sheroes

Ocean Sheroes World Record Pacific Row


Ocean Sheroes embarked on an awe-inspiring mission to row across the Pacific Ocean, raising awareness about the critical issue of plastics in our oceans. At Dojo Films, we share their passion for preserving our planet and were honored to support their cause.

As part of our commitment to showcasing stories that make a positive impact, we donated our time to create a compelling piece of content that would help Ocean Sheroes engage a wider audience and drive their fundraising efforts.

Through our collaboration, we aimed to capture the courage, determination, and resilience of these remarkable women as they navigated the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. The resulting content not only sheds light on the urgent issue of plastic pollution but also inspires viewers to take action and join the movement for a cleaner, healthier planet.

At Dojo Films, we believe in using our filmmaking expertise to support meaningful initiatives like Ocean Sheroes. By sharing their incredible journey, we hope to inspire others to become Ocean Sheroes themselves and contribute to a sustainable future for our oceans.