Dojo Films is a family of creative talent that spans the globe, with core teams in Europe and North America.

We collaborate on localised and multi-national projects, and we’re proud of the support we offer to both our clients and our family of creatives.

We use an in-house team to offer a fully managed service, providing high quality production at local cost.

Dojo Films is a specialist in corporate, technology and sport, and is commited to showing our clients the true value of their content through strategic content delivery as well as tracking and performance analysis.

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Think outside the box.

We’re a creative agency so it goes without saying that we’re creative! What makes us different is the range of creativity we can offer.

We have a team of talented Creative Directors across the US and Europe focused on a wide range of project types; live action, sports, documentary, animation, comic, adventure – You name, we can match it.


The right crew for every project.

We offer the full suite of production services to guide you through wherever your strategy takes you. We can start by building your strategy for you, offer creative direction.

We do storyboarding, scheduling, project management and location shooting across the world using teams of local talent specific to your needs. We have in-house kit too, complementing different formats.


Get your content seen!

How many times have we heard this, “We spent £10k on a video, posted it online and had no engagement”!

We’re focused on delivery, starting every project with delivery in mind. We understand our target audience, how they consume content and build our strategy with this information in mind. We can provide real-time analysis of the performance of your campaign, giving you real-time feedback on your activations plan performance through key indicators.


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