The Lost Exit, 90s Trailer

Inigo The Lost Exit


A gripping 3-part series that surfaces the extraordinary world of Tim Howell. If you’re looking for reckless, adrenaline filled stunts, we’re happy to say you’re in the wrong place. This is a uniquely scientific journey. We discover what it takes to climb the most challenging peaks and execute the most demanding jumps ever carried out in the sport. Where we’re heading, adrenaline alone, will only get you so far.

Branded content produced alongside TW Creative for global insurance provider, Inigo. This content continues to raise awareness of the brand and throw support behind their ambassador campaign.

Ep.1 | At Home in the Mountains
Tim Howell Wingsuit Basejumper

"There is no adrenaline in what I do, only calm."

Ep.2 | Planning for the Unknown
Ep.3 | A leap into the Unknown
Richard Watson CEO

"First time I have been able to watch it through. It's bloody perfect! I love the go/no-go element that comes out. A fantastic job all round."