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Quantum Metric

Quantum Metric Software Marketing Campaign of the Year


STEVIE Award Winner for Software Marketing Campaign of the Year, for the Continuous Product Design certificate program.

Our team worked closely with Quantum Metric on an educational series for CPD (Continuing Professional Development), which proved to be a highly effective tool in driving sales and revenue for the company. We understood the key pain points and challenges faced by their target audience, and developed an animated series that provided practical solutions to these issues. The series was widely praised for its clarity, effectiveness, and high production value, and ultimately played a significant role in driving customer acquisition and growth for Quantum Metric.

Overall, our continued partnership with Quantum Metric remains highly successful, with this particular project resulting in an American Business STEVIE award for it's range of high-quality animations that effectively communicated the value of their product to potential customers.

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Tom Arundel Director of Global Research & Insights

"We insisted on quality and they delivered ahead of schedule, while juggling several other video projects for our marketing team on the same deadline. I can't say enough great things about working with this team"