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SumUp Magic Pay


Our team collaborated closely with Sum-Up to gain a deep understanding of their product and target audience. We provided expert advice on how to effectively communicate their value proposition and developed creative concepts that effectively resonated with their audience. Our aim, as with all our projects, was not only to simplify but also to optimize, highly technical complex messaging.

The videos we produced were used across all marketing channels, including social media, email marketing, and webinars. The result was a highly effective marketing campaign that drove engagement and increased sales.

Through our partnership, Sum-Up was able to effectively communicate the value of their product to their target audience and drive significant growth. Our team's dedication to excellence and creative solutions helped us exceed their expectations and cement our status as a valued partner.

Corin Camenisch Global Product Marketing

"Dojo have created several videos for us. Always improving the concept we had in mind with their wit and creativity. It's rare to find agencies that deliver at this level of quality without breaking the bank"

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