Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies 34 Curved USB-C Monitor


Dojo Films collaborated with Dell to create a captivating product advert for the Dell 34 Curved USB-C Monitor. Our goal was to showcase the monitor's features in an engaging and informative manner. Working closely with Dell, we crafted a creative concept and collaborated with a comedy director to infuse humor and storytelling into the adverts (Spoiler:brace yourself for a furry-friend cameo!). From inception to executing the two-day shoot in London, our dedicated team ensured a seamless production process within a tight schedule sparing no effort.

The resulting 60-second spots successfully communicated the product's value proposition, generating positive brand exposure and resonating with the target audience.

Dojo Films' partnership with Dell on the Dell 34 Curved USB-C Monitor product advert exemplifies our ability to deliver impactful video content. Our expertise, creative approach, and commitment to meeting client objectives ensure exceptional outcomes for each collaboration.